Pippa Greenwood – Easy Vegetable Growing


Busy London life and small kitchen garden doesn’t allow time or space to plant all one’s own seeds. That’s where Pippa comes in.  I was given a token for Pippa Greenwood’s ‘Grow Your Own Vegetables’ and it was simplicity from the start.  I had a choice of five different vegetables, and pouring over the website for sometime making my selection was almost the hardest part of the process.  Then I just sat back and waited.   Pippa and her team made all the seed choices and did all the sowing. Then every few weeks from mid May onwards an assortment of seedlings arrived in the post.  Tomatoes, Lettuce, Beetroot and Carrots wrapped beautifully in tissue paper in moist little bundles and perfect condition. There was just the right amount of everything, and I observed with interest the varieties she had chosen.   By the time the lettuces came, with 4 or 5 varieties, ready to plant and water in my garden was full.    All but one little plug took to my Balham garden with alacrity and produced a hugely colourful and interesting display of vegetables, watching my garden grow though the summer has never been so much fun. Taking the Pippa route and receiving the seedlings by post, was not only a time saver it meant the varieties were far better chosen than mine and I certainly had better success on the plate!   Next year I will certainly take the same path.